Where are some places to make friends? I go to school online, and I am an independent rep for a company where I do alot of work from my office at home..I'm 25 years old, and I have no friends..p.s.I am not a loner-I just dropped all my bad influences


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A walk in your favorite park is a great place.  Go do the things you like to do and see who is there.  Where do your good influences hang out? - that is where you waht to hang.  "You catch your fish where you do your fishing"
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O so true...I just have always swam with the bad fishes, so I feel like I am starting all over....it's difficult...
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Go to your local library, and see if they know of any meetings of people that are interested in things you are interested in. Ask your local Chamber of Commerce what sort of local events/social groups there are in your area.

Volunteer (for almost anything), find stores that deal in supplies for things you like and see if they know of any groups that do the same things...

The biggest thing is to know yourself enough to know what you like to do, then find other people in public groups that like to do the same things. If you like sports, you can attend local sporting events and try to chat with people (asking about the local team is a good icebreaker)... If you REALLY want to find friends, you got to get OUT there and look for them...

Good luck, and good hunting! (^_^)
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You could try gym or a sports club,  plus the usual suspects like bars. Nightclubs or coffee bars.

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