What are the advantages and disadvantages of listening to your friends and families?


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Cheryle Masters answered
Advantages:  Older adults [hopefully] are wiser and will give solid advice that you can depend on.  When you are struggling a good place to go.  A place you are safe and can trust...a place where you are loved.
Disadvantages:  Sometimes ppl mean well, but they cannot make your decisions for you especially if you are of legal age.  Some well meaning ppl are a little too controlling in their advice. Some can become disrespectful whether they mean to or not.
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You get good advice and support from your friends and family who love you and care about you.The downside of that is they might try to give you too much advice and speak their mind when they really shouldn't.As we say over here it's "killing with kindness" - meaning they mean well but interfere when they shouldn't.

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