True or false, one should give thanks to people they care about the most and to strangers as well... If true, why don't some people care? But just want to buy gifts for them.. It is not all about gift receiving. It is all about gift giving instead.


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Cheryle Masters answered
I love to give gifts (and send cards for every occasion) not so much to get a reaction just simply for the joy of giving.  Sometimes it is hard for me to receive because I am a giver.  I definitely thank my husband, Adrian, my family, friends and sometimes strangers especially if they have been kind in some way (random act of kindness).  I understand what Janey is saying about being cautious and that is important, too.
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Yep I get more of a kick out of giving presents just to see their reactions and faces light up in surprise or happiness - you can't beat that rush lol.I definitely give thanks to family and friends and those I care about.Not so much with strangers though as I'm generally cautious and wary about them until I get to know them better.

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