How do I tell someone that I miss being their friend if we avoid each other at all costs? I'm not sure how to start talking..


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Arthur Wright answered
Then let there be some more time to cool down here for both before approaching for a restart, as it sounds like its too early to try yet so give them some more time but smile when you see them and maybe say Hi but don't push it any farther and the reply you get will tell you a lot here
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max atwood answered
Ok another problem I can solve with anime. What your problem is is a typical tsundere relationship like ranma and akane. And I can tell you that the best thing to do is just come out with it. Go up to him and tell him that. Just say "I want to be friends again"
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Janey answered
The best way is to start with paying them a compliment to put them at ease and then ask how they've been.Then you could ask them can we start afresh and put the past behind us and start off as friends again ? If that seems to work, saying sorry ( if you feel you need to ) would help heal old wounds and maybe resolve your issues or differences.

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