What Does Blurtit Even Mean Anyway?


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The noun and proper word is blurt, and this means to utter abruptly and impulsively. To get blurtit, you simply put together blurt and it, as in someone said something and the response you give you can't help, you just blurt it out. blurt/it. Hope this helps.
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Blurtit is I guess a combination of two words, blurt and it, basically blurt means to say something compulsively or without a lot of thought, which would be like saying something out of the top of your head.
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Question: What Does Blurtit Even Mean Anyway?Code of question: 184395Answer: The term,`BLURTIT`means spreading the word.Signed/Blurtit name: Zoe-Zoe/Zoey/Zoetta Doorson
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"blurt" means say. Talk, speak... And "it" is the pronoun representing the noun of whatever subject you are talking about at the time

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