What Is The Shout Box?


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The shout box is at the bottom of your page and when you look at other peoples profiles you will see one at the bottom of there page too. You use it too leave them a message saying hi or anything you want and they will reply back to your page
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The shoutbox is the box on the bottom left side of your pg. That people can type in messages for you, or you will find one on everyone's page. And you can type in a message for them. Some people's shoutboxes are restricted, by choice to only 'friends'. Near the right hand bottom of page is a place that says 'Make Me Their Friend', click on that. After you type in a shoutbox, you need to hit 'submit', so that the message will be posted. It will move to the top of the list. It is sort of a roundabout way of chatting.
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A place for communication with others can be accomplished with the utilization of the shoutboxes. Just submit a message and wait for a reply, simple.
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The shout box is on the bottom left of your profile page, and this is where you will get shouts from friends and other people. To get to someones shout box, just click on their username and it will take you right there. Hope this helps, good luck to you, and welcome aboard.
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The shout box is a space at the bottom of your public profile where people can leave messages for you. I'll demonstrate. Check your shout box now.
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Thank you! But I have one more question now: how do I leave messages for other people? In case you don't check this, I reposted this question.
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Shout box on blurt it is:a space on your user page,where people can leave you a messages,in other users' pages,you can leave them a message
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Just a place on everyones page so you can chat with people
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If you click on my avatar (the little picture) or my name, you will be taken to my public profile where you can leave a message in my shout box. And I have more info about your movie search.
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It's a way to talk to people. You just click on your friend's and type a message, kind of like instant messagings (IMs) or email. They're useful and help you make friends.
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A shout box is where a person can kindly leave a message on your page and you can read it and then reply to them on their page! Its a really good widget I should say on blurt it. Hope this helps and have a nice day! =)
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Go to your homepage, then press profile, scroll down to you see the avatars of your friends, click onto whoever you want to chat to, then you can give them a shout in the box which appears bottom left of your screen. Good luck and good shouting.

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