Is It Possible To Find Out Who Rated Your Answer?


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John Nawrocki answered
I try to answer questions that I find sincere, hoping to help the individual asking the question. I do not care about ratings or points. I do, however, always say Thank You when someone rates my answer with a "Wow". Answer to the best of your ability and the heck with the ratings.
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Pat Merrifield answered
Shefali, I am unable to answer your question directly, but can't leave a comment until the question is answered. My understanding is the rating is done anonymously, allowing for pettiness, envy, retribution for some perceived wrong, any of the high-minded actions of those who have yet to gain maturity to enter in. Is a major weakness of this site.
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Pat Merrifield
Pat Merrifield commented
I immediately rated my answer poor so the phantom rater would be saved the time and effort. In checking back I find I'm not allowed to rate my own answer. If you can't blow your own horn, who's going to?!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela Krueger
Pamela Krueger commented
I thought it would be the person who posted the question, but found out differently yesterday when someone answered my question. By the time I went back into blurtit to rate their answer as good, it had already been rated differently by some unknown gremlin.
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Penny Kay answered
I just happened across a phantom raider. Having been to the question, and rating each answer either good or wow, i went back and the ratings were down and only 2 ratings were given. There was an added answer on that page from someone who sounded at least sociopathic. It was the only entry added since my previous visit, and there were only 2 raters on  the site. I addressed it in this persons shoutbox. I hope we don't have any more like it.
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Pamela Krueger answered
Hello blurtit gods out there!!  Who does the ratings of people's answers???
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suman kumar answered
No you can't know who had rated your answer. If that option was also kept many people would be leaving this site loll.
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Anita Goolsby
Anita Goolsby commented
Ok, I'm confused. The consensus seems to be that rating is anonymous. jnawrocki doesn't answer the question yea or nay directly, but suggests always thanking someone who gives you a wow. (scratch, scratch.) Just as I get all 3 of my brain cells out of the floor and dust them off, sy105 says no comment is possible 'til the question is answered. Really? I do it all the time, 'cause I often get sidetracked and hit submit just as I remember what I meant to say. Or is it only possible to comment on my own answer I just sent?

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