What Do Think, The Ratio Of Male/female Users Is On This Site?


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I'd have to say ten to two in favor of females...think I have may have three-four men friends on my list and usually only shout at one or two.  Logic101 use to be a friend...don't know what ever happened to him!
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I'm sure glad I'm not one of the ones you shout at cuz I get the impression you're one of those Jesus freaks.LOL
Pamela Krueger
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Haha...do I know you?? Your orneryness seems vaguely familar. And yes I am one of those Jesus freaks....and so are you!!
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Humm I would be curious as to it myself..... Most on my friends list are guys I've always had more guy friends than girl friends.....
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It is hard to say especially when some don't list in their profile if it is he or she how do you tell when there is nothing to show for it...OOps I mean they don't inform you of genda,I dare not guess most say private I never figured out why so many gendas are private that was the first thing I put in my profile did not want anyone to get it twisted....anywho moving right along I don't have a clue but my list of friends consist mostly of females...perhaps 4 or five males, So that means us ladies are on our own but I feel confident, we got this....SMILE
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If I were to guess I would say it is about ten to one with the ladies outnumbering the hairy-legged ones. My friends list puts it at 28% or about four to one.
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What does it matter! We all love each other, but one or two and you know who you are!
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