Why Am I The Only Person Who Answers Any Of These Questions?


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If people don't ask questions, what would you have to answer? The more people ask questions the more you have to chose from to answer. Worry about the help you provide with your answer and not how many someone else is answering.your replies might be just what someone needed at that moment in time. Keep answering, but sometimes ask too.
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You aren't and this is a poor use of words on your part, please clean up the language or they will kick you off the site. Thanks.
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Rachel Chenail
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Sorry, and by the way, when you write the comments and stuff they make sure that you're not allowed to say curse words and bad things, but im sorry if i offended you.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Apology accepted, it is just that there are a bunch of kids on this site, and we all kind of keep an eye out so that they don't see this stuff. Good job.
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nettie answered
If you are talking about the questions on line,what makes you think you are the only one answering questions,if you are you must have a lot of ID's because I see a lot of different profiles,check it out......
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Rachel Chenail
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I'm just saying that most people are asking questions instead of answering them, i'm not trying to be offensive, sorry...
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