What Are You Imagining Right Now?


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Anastasia (nickname: Anya) Profile
I'm just lying in the grass , stargazing and i just see a bit of mist up ahead, (I'm lying in our neighbor's 120 acre field that is surrounded by woods) i hear faint hooves clomping with the summertime bugs livening up the night...i can just get LOST in daydream, being that it is a starry night.I'm wearing my favorite scarf, i actually am in real life.
Hello Boss Profile
Hello Boss answered
I am imagining that I am the greatest Blurter of all time, What an imagination, ya' think?
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Well it is cold right now and I have a song stuck in my head so Hot blooded check it ans see I got a fever of 100 and 3. So I guess a concert on a warm beach sounds good.
I am laying on the sand somewhere in the keys alone peaceful & quietly watching the moon light up the [phosphorous] froth in the waves...it makes them appear as if the glow in the dark......can't you see it?  ♥nassy
nettie Profile
nettie answered
Just us alone on a island having a enjoyable time just teasing and pleasing,don't worry we will be back,just as soon as I wake up......

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