Where Are The Cheaper Places To Live?


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Midwest where I live, but then again you don't earn as much so it may break even who knows, I just know a dinner in New York is about 3 days pay for me LOL
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Thanks Gvp.
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No problem, I'm just a simple country yokel hehe.... Nah I don't farm, I'm a simple semi country yokel who uses them fancy computers and lazer beams LOL
Anywhere but CALIFORNIA.....CALIFORNIA is too expensive to live now..the only thing here is entertainment, you can get that just about anywhere...SERIOUSLY...:):)
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By far in the States...Mid-west region...If you go for a smaller town....you run the risk of no work to  just about none...But if you have the ways and means...I would venture there...or southern states////(mountainous region)...
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It depends on whether you need to work for a living or if you have a retirement income. Retirement living is cheapest in Belize.

If you have to work for a living, a smaller city in Southern USA would probably be your best bet.
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The cheapest place to live, anywhere in the USA, is under a highway overpass, or in a tent, as many so-called "homeless" folks are doing.

I know a woman who earns around $250/day, panhandling.  She could afford to live in a fairly nice apartment, but lives under a highway overpass.

Go figure.
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I know some states (like California) have a state income tax.  Texas does not.  I have recently returned from a trip to Missouri and the gas is cheaper here (or was at the time).  That is about the only actual first hand knowledge in-put I have.

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