Who Here From The Blurtit Users Are Going To Try To Help The Poor Victims Of The Haiti Earthquake?


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My apologies if anyone is offended by my attitude, but we have sick and starving people right here in the USA (where I live), and I have always been of the belief that "we" should solve our own problems (and care for our own people) first, before helping the rest of the world.

When the USA has any kind of disaster (Mt. St. Helens in 1980, for example, or the SFO Earthquake of 1989), who comes to our aid?

No one.
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Excellent point , Mensan. I DO believe we should first try and save our country before the rest of the world . *1 TU*
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Thanks. Stand by to be hated by those who don't believe as we do.
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G'day V-Mar,

Thank you for your question.

I will certainly donate to the Red Cross website.

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My problem with giving is that I KNOW the contributions NEVER get where they are suppose to be going. I am sure that some will get there...but, right now there is plenty of good-doing and good-doers in Haiti. While I have sympathy for them, I can't bare their burden. Do u think they cared when New Orleans was underwater?? Do u think anyone cares that Katrina victims are still suffering?  I have actually been in 2 major quakes 8.2 in Naples, Italy and 8.1 in Guam. I know that most money ends up in the politician's hands and I am getting to the point where I am disgusted by those creeps. Most of them would steal from their mommas.
If I can't be there to physically help, I am not donating. I have children and neighbors who need me!! Also how much will say, the American school system benefit from ALL of the money/supplies/ etc that America is sending over there. Let me tell you, there will be no money here in America and the FIRST thing that Obama will cut is education so we can raise some more illiterates!!!
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I Texted 10 Dollars, Then I Gave Ten Dollars To The Hope For Haiti Thingy. I Have No Job Or No Hubby But I Still Have A House.. A Place To Sleep.. Drinks In My Fridge, A Cars That Gets Me Places..And I Have Food In My Fridge I Can Go To My Doctor For Check ups.. These People Have No Food, Have No Meds, No Water, No House, No Car. WE Take What We Have For Granted.. My 3 Kids Are Healthy.. These People Have All Lost Mom  Or Dad Or Brother.. Sister. Grandma..,Almost Anyone Has Lost Someone. What If You All Of A Sudden Had No Water, No Food, No House.. And Your Parents Had Died....???
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If people 'don't want to get involved',
they're not as good of people as
they tend to think they are.
We don't have much, but we've
sent what we could and will
send more when we can.

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