Is It Just Me Or Do The Dumbest People Seem To Be The Most Prolific?


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I have never heard about this statement, I was thinking it is the reverse loll.
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Joe B.
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Nah the more I look around, specifically on this site..... It seems like the most ignorant kids are inquiring about sex and all that it entails..... They can't spell, even with a spell checker on here.... But like a chimp in the zoo darned if they don't feel compelled to hump everything around them.
Karen commented
Well, Bonghit, u r right...suppose, they think HUMPING is the answer!! What a shame...especially when there is alot more at that young age. They try to grow up too fast....
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G'day Bonghit,

Thank you for your question.

It might seem that way sometimes. However, there are people who get the minor things right but the big things wrong and vice versa.

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Joe B.
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True.... Forgot about that movie I am Sam... He was an alright dad LOL
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Is't juts yuo# jeo/
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I give credence to the evidence they are the norm, and the truly intelligent aberrations.

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