Are your pictures real or fake? (only awesome real ppl can answer!)


22 Answers

Mark Brookshire Profile
Mark Brookshire answered
All my pic's are real. :)
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
Mine is real.
Angel Sarah Profile
Angel Sarah answered
Fake... It's my mom
Eunice Kwarteng Profile
Eunice Kwarteng answered
My pics are real...except for the "i love u this much" one and the "i love u"in sign language. Other than tht, all my pics are real.
Michael Perkins Profile
Michael Perkins answered
The idea of an icon is to make a representation of a subject. My icon is more representative of  the real me than any photo  ever taken of me!
1. I am Old
2. I am wise
3. I have long white hair (not quite as long as the icon lol)
4. I am a thinker
5. I'm a warrior
It would take at least four photographs to convey all that eh?
NB. In my HO you are V pretty!
BIG  DAWG Profile
BIG DAWG answered
My pics are real
doctor C Profile
doctor C answered
I don't have any face pictures yet lol,but I own/took most of the ones at my avatar
Brady Profile
Brady answered
Yup my pictures are real.  That's not to say that my profile pictures of real things but they are 100% original, designed using both photoshop and adobe illustrator.
~~DARREN~~ AwwSumGuy Profile
I  took  pictures  of  myself  with  my  webcam camera  and they are all real , I dont have nothing to  hide  from  people , I don't  like  fake  pictures  they are misleading
angelica meneses Profile
My pic is 100 percent not fake! You can see that it's me!!! I can tell you were I was or upload more!? Lol who would think mine are fake?? Lmbo

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