Is Arthur Wright a girl or a boy?


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Hilary Newton answered
Cheeky little bl....r,
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Meta Forrest answered
Neither.  He is a grown man who has been through more in his lifetime than you will ever achieve .
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Arthur Wright answered
This has got to be the number 1 of the top best questions Ive ever seen in my life and especially since I answer on 3 of these Q&A websites. Thanks, now Ive seen everything
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Arthur Wright
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Actually maybe my name is Artrina but due to my past I am disguising myself as Arthur, so you never know on the computer what is real and what isnt LOL
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None, he is the real man, the real deal for Blurtit, who has lots of experience to answer the questions, he is the king of Blurtit.
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Tom Preston answered
I dont understand the rationale behind this question, this guy answers questons with sincerity and knowledge / unbiased help.
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Arthur Wright
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Thats what we all are trying to figure out here with no luck and she even requested my friendship after this question, really strange

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