Have you ever heard of that toddler who smokes 40 cigars everyday? What has the world come to?


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sofia kim Profile
sofia kim answered
I never heard of that..but it can happen in diffrent foreign country.. I mean its possible. Either the child was raised and born with a family that smoke cigars, or he doesnt know that it will affect him... But to be honest its very terrible for someone that young to even SMOKE anything out there.
Mimi Espanosa Profile
Mimi Espanosa answered
A toddler?! Ur kidding right?? A toddler?!
breanna BIENEMY Profile
breanna BIENEMY answered
Do you mean that youtube video with that fat little boy???
Dalia Jesse Profile
Dalia Jesse answered

Surprised!! Never heard about it.

renee grigsby Profile
renee grigsby answered
Thats just dumb. Never heard tht 1. Thats almost as bad as them giving elementary school kids condoms
Jessie Profile
Jessie answered
Thats is life for all men in the middle eastern countries toddlers-oldmen smoke alot everyday

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