What shall we do to make sure no Blurt It members pick on us?


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Madisyn Ray St.Francis Profile
We should start a NO BULLYING group on Blurt It. We should find it a name. And when someone starts to pick on or harass a Blurt It memeber, than everybody in the group reports that person every night until that persons account get deleted.
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Maxine Chan
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That is surely the best way to handle this situation:)
Madisyn Ray St.Francis
We'll spread the news. What should be call the group? How about CTCF, which stands for Cut The Crap Foundation :D
Maxine Chan
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Lol, no blurt it member left crying?
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Oddman answered
An absolute guaranteed way to do this is to resign Blurtit. Whenever you sign up for a site involving interaction between site members, you subject yourself to the possibility of cyberbullying--unfortunately. Those who are offended should report it and/or find another place to hang out.
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Shaheen Adam answered
We should make it no bullying on blurtit whenever someone bullies us we report them and tell the blurtit people lots of people do that we need to put a stop to it also i think we should make a no bullying gang and whenever someone bullies someone then we tell the blurtit team  hope i helped plz rate this helpful if it helped!
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Give me their name and I will send round my ginger tom cat!
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Arthur Wright answered
Unfortunately there is now way of doing this other than reporting them when they become a nuisance but I can tell you that we have had far worse than what youre seeing now
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Madisyn Ray St.Francis
No we mean, a ton of people say they will join the Cut the Crap Foundation and when there is somebody harassing someone else, we can give shouts to all the people in the club and if what they see is wrong they can report the person

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