Who on Blurtit has the highest number average words? (you know that thing on your profile that has the average words on it?)


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Janey answered
The highest i've seen is by Catherine Adams who has 84.
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Blurtits account. Im probably on the top 100. Most people have like 17 or 23 average words. However i have 46. I have answered like 40 questions since yesterday and made about 6 questions. 3:20 pm cdt 8-7-11
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Maria Not Telling
First off I'd like to say u have asked 4 questions have only 5 pages of answers and 10 helpfuls let's compare that to me for example I have asked 8 pages of answer 538 pages of answers and 1495 helpfuls and that's not that many so I don't think I'd be in top 100
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The highest iv seen is 56 and that number belongs to John most helpfuls and questions answer I think would go to author right but I could be wrong
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Arthur Wright answered
Spam ads on here have the bhighest as that funshops has over 300 avg words but doesnt stay on nhere long

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