Is there a way to use Blurtit on the go? I'll be out of town this weekend for a family reunion and was hoping to have access on my smartphone.

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Dan Banks answered

Yes, there certainly is! All you have to do is head over to on your mobile device's browser, click 'sign in' and make sure you're logged in to your phone's twitter app. It's really that simple!

Blurtit on-the-go.

However, you may find that the site isn't as functional on your mobile device as it is on a tablet or computer. Therefore we're looking to develop an app which would incorporate all the best aspects of Blurtit and package the site in a more mobile-friendly way.

We would welcome any feedback about using the site on a mobile device, as this is one area we haven't tested that much. Also, any thoughts about what a Blurtit app should contain would be very much appreciated!

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