I want to convert AVI to MP4, somebody recommend me kigo video converter ultimate for mac, i didn't use it. Anyone know it, give some info, quickly?


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Sara Lewis answered

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate would definitely do the job of converting AVI to MP4, as it is a really comprehensive software that can handle almost all file extensions. It even has a DVD Creator option too!

The only thing I would mention is that it costs USD$49.95, which if you only need to use for this one task, could be an unnecessary outlay as you could also find some free software that will do the same thing.

If you are looking for Mac software, you can download AnyMP4 Studio from the AppStore. It is completely free and will convert most video files - including AVI - to MP4 format.

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Chris Daum answered

There are also quite a number of online video converters as an alternative to ones you have to download and install. The downside of online converters is that you usually have to upload your video, then it gets processed on their servers and then you have to download it again. You never know if they really delete your video either. I've used some for smaller videos and they worked OK, like for example.

However there is also a type of hybrid converter, which I personally prefer. It doesn't upload videos, instead it processes them on your computer but it runs inside the web browser, so no need to download and install (and pay for!) software. I've used it a couple of times and it's worked well for me, see

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