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Is over-confidence a bad thing?


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no...not at all but you must understand clearly , what you can do &  what you can't do .

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Confidence, not cockiness. Confidence is a great thing to have but you can't be too confident to the point where you'll come off as arrogant. Arrogance is what makes you mess up, you can't be too overconfident, but you should always have a good amount of confidence.

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Adila Adila
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But if you are really sure that you are good at something and you for example doing a presentation, and you are nice and relaxed, speaking clearly and loudly and you even drop in a few jokes and just be yourself, is that being cocky?
Richard J D'Souza
I think confidence exists on a continuum. In the middle, being relaxed (quietly confident) is that midline; you are attentive to possible problems, but you aren't plagued by them (this would be the other extreme - lacking confidence).

The cocky (over-confident) person is ignorrant to the problems. He/she ignores them and thinks he/she is invincible.
Adila Adila
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Oh okay...well that clears it! Thanks! People seem to think that I can be over-confident, but I just relax and deliver the best I can and try and act professional. Not arrogant at all....(I think!) 8)

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