Who else thinks it's stupid that you have to have a social account to sign in? Like I have a blurtit, and now I can't even log into it, because you have to have a social account. Soooo stupid!!!


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I realize there has been some frustration about Blurtit asking people to connect with social accounts, but unfortunately it is a very necessary requirement.

The reality of the internet is that there are a lot of trolls and spammers out there.

Asking people to connect with a social media profile has been very effective in reducing and limiting the amount of spam and abusive messages on the site.

So although it may seem inconvenient, it's a technique that more and more sites are using to keep their sites clean and tidy. I still remove abusive comments and block spammers on a daily basis, but it's a far smaller amount than we had to tackle previously.

I'm afraid it's easy to pick fault at the system we have in place, but much more difficult to come up with a viable alternative. But if you can suggest a better way of moderating the site and keeping trolls and spammers off, then I'd love to hear them! We're not opposed to changing the way things are, but it would require proof that an alternative solution would work, so I hope to hear back from you!

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Maybe what they don't like about connecting with a social account is the fact that they don't want their contributions posting to their Facebook, Twitter, or G+ account. But of course, they don't need to post it to their social account, they can always choose not to share their contributions.

I always use Gmail. I have a Yahoo Email that I rarely use, but Gmail is much better. I've always used Gmail on this site so connecting to here with G+ at first was just like signing in normally for me. I don't really see why there's so many people unhappy with the signup process.

What you said about limiting spammers and abusive users is true, because it definitely has been working. You get a "thanks" and an up vote from me!
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Thanks for sharing your view Mike!

I find that, with these kind of things, people who are unhappy tend to voice their complaints - but the people who don't mind the process naturally don't say anything because they've simply signed up and continued using the site..

I do understand the privacy concerns, especially considering the nature of some questions can be personal, so all we can do is take on board suggestions and try to improve step by step.
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If you had a Blurtit in the past, I might know you (as weird as it sounds, I was friends with a lot of people here, so maybe we've talked before). And YES, you can log back into your old account (thanks to Kass Yassin he helped me recover my old account and that's the account I'm posting this answer from now).

But anyway, the site relaunched back in March. It's a lot different now than what it was, where all you need is an Email to sign up. But this is a good thing. The old Blurtit was attacked with spam a lot, and making sure you have a social account ensures that you're a human and not a "bot".

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account, you can make a new Blurtit profile. After doing so, click the drop down menu under your avatar and click "account settings" just above "log out". It'll bring you to a new page now. This page gives you 4 new tabs at the top of the screen:

  • Profile.
  • Social Networks.
  • Notifications.
  • Recover Old Account.

You want to click "Recover Old Account". All you have to do now is enter the old Email you used on your old Blurtit account, along with the password you used for your Blurtit account (NOT the Email password, the Blurtit account password). Once you enter the Email and password, you have successfully link your new account to the old one, and you will have everything from your old profile back!

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