What would be the best answer to an interview question, "Do you make mistakes at work?"


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you are asked the interview question, "Do you make mistakes at
work?" You answer has to be yes. There is just no way a human
being can be perfect all the time and never make any mistakes. So the
key thing to do is to explain how you make mistakes and how you avoid
big mistakes and how you overcome any mistakes that you make.       

for instance, you could say, " Yes as a human being I am
obviously going to make mistakes during my work, however in order to
avoid these mistake ever being big, I always double and triple my
work and correct any mistakes that i find. And if there is anything
that I am confused about while I am doing a project or an assignment,
I always ask my boss, or my manager, or my teammates so I can quickly
correct anything that I may not have not addressed properly that
first time around. So although I do make mistakes at work, they are
always small ones that gets corrected quickly and that I learn from
and in the end I always deliver the fin

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Adila Adila answered

I've only ever had one interview...so I'm not an expert but my answer to this question was something along the lines of : 'If you are talking about human errors then yes, Yes I do make those little mistakes as I believe that these mistakes are the stepping stones to reaching your full potential, if we didn't make these mistakes we wouldn't be able to avoid them in the future and thus being a good role model for other employees in the process'... Something like that!

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Derek Alvarez , President, CEO of Ezlifegadgets.com, answered

I would say no, you are very detailed oriented and get things done right the first time.  That's the response I would be looking for.

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