If Blurtit launched a mobile app that provided a different experience from the website, what would you like it to do?


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i wish it  could have chat and people could also ask for advice from certain people by asking them via message without having to follow them and getting them to follow them back.

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Yo Kass
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Great suggestions.

So do you think it would be a good idea to have features like chat and open discussions on the mobile app only - and then leave the site for the 'real Q&A'?

Or is it important to have chat on the site too?

I personally find that it;s difficult to tell who's online and when, and like you said - unless someone follows you back, you can't really start up a private conversation..

I guess the final thing to be weary of is would that take away from the Q&A or would it actually encourage more questions and answers?
angie zhang
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hmm it would be good to just have it on the mobile app and leave the usual Q & A on the actual site , though it would be helpful for people to interact with people to get dvice without having to wait for one , someone could post a question up and people can talk to them on chat , i dont know its jst a suggestion but it would be cool if there was one :)
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Having a chat service would be quite useful, but having the core of BlurtIt not in the app would just make it useless. We are competing with other services; such as Yahoo! Answers, Quora, and Ask.com.

I'd look at the interface of both Quora and Yahoo! Answers and get inspired to use a clean interface for the mobile app.

BlurtIt needs to have the opportunity to present users with nearly 75% of what the website currently presents. Also, it's wise to include the mobile chat that somebody else suggested.

Plus, it's best to have a native app. It draws more attention from mobile users, bloggers, tech journalists, ect.

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Yo Kass
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Everything you say makes a lot of sense Andrew, thanks for the advice!

I personally think it'd be cool if the app added additional value or functionality. More than just a cleaner way to browse Blurtit on mobile, it'd be great if the app complimented and improved the site too.

Any thoughts on making the app more image/video friendly? Perhaps encouraging people to ask questions based on video or image content they capture on their phones? it'd be cool to do something none of the Q&A sites you mentioned are doing
Andrew Neal
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Have you thought about using the design from Pinterest or the Discover page on BlurtIt for Image Content?
Yo Kass
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You mean for browsing questions/answers? That could be an interesting idea.

We were definitely 'inspired' by the Pinterest format (discover page and the feed customisation page at www.blurtit.com/getting_started) - and it's interesting that actually the Pinterest app works pretty well on mobile.
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Would need to be more user 'friendly' because I for one get really agitated with all these different buttons on mobile apps, mobile apps are for on the go and therefore need to be straight to the point with their service! I personally think we need to have our own 'personalised' blurtit pages, where we can personalise what sort of content we want. Like blurtit could give an option of certain tabs that user's would like, be that chatboxes, or status bars, front page news (where the homepage would be the latest going on) or it could be just simply 'their' own personal topics. But that's a bit too far...

What I would suggest though is that we have as soon as we get on the homepage we have a 'Ask' tab right at the front and then our topics should follow underneath with the latest activity. And... Forget chat boxes as they are harder and difficult to use on mobile app's , what we could have though is public messages that load right there and then...now that would just be amazing.

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