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Blurtit is a website where you can ask questions that you aren't quite sure about.

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Blurtit is what is known as a 'Q&A' website, meaning it is home to an online community who either need to ask questions, or enjoy providing answers to questions (such as myself), or in some cases, both.

The questions people ask on Blurtit can be about any subject. Questions are often asked of a personal and intimate nature, or on medical topics, similar to the questions often seen on 'Agony Aunt' pages in the newspapers. 

We also get a lot of questions on computer-related issues, such as apps and hacking. Other popular subjects includes maths, celebrities, basic banking advice, films, TV, dieting, and pets and animals.

You Can Ask Any Variety of Question on Blurtit

If you need advice on a topic, no matter how sensitive, serious or silly, then ask away on Blurtit. Users can post questions and answers anonymously if they wish, so there's no need to feel shy. Once a question is posted, the user waits for a reply from another member of the site who feels qualified to answer your question. The answer itself can be put to debate by other users.

Blurtit is also a fun place to just hang out online!

Here, some of Blurtit's most prolific users discussing what they enjoy about Blurtit:

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