If everyone in the world vanished except the people here on Blurtit, what would you do?


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Adila Adila answered

Rejoice!! :D so far nobody has managed to annoy me on here (which I warn you is pretty lethal LOL -kidding!) and I'd actually like it! But can we include Westlife to be alive at least? Because then I'd cry if I was living in a world without them :/ as long as they are here then it's all fine! We'll have a blurtit party and stay up all night , dancing , drinking , sleeping over , telling jokes and asking silly questions and eating lots of food! :)

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Yo Kass
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Sounds great! We just need to convince Westlife to join Blurtit somehow... maybe if I keep tweeting at them?
Adila Adila
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Go ahead!! One day they will.... I am sure LOL
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We can all meet up (as long as you guys aren't sex crazed psychopaths. If you're sex crazed high functioning sociopaths, it's fine) and have a big party like Addi said! We'd rob all of the stores and we'd probably have to rig solar power since there would be nobody would be running the power plants...but all would be good! We'd have a non-stop party. I'd find a nice house and move in with all the people who seemed nice. I'd have to force certain beautiful people of the world (All Time Low, a friend, (PSSH, WHO NEEDS FRIENDS WHEN YOU HAVE THE INTERWEBS!), All Time Low, others, did I mention All Time Low?) to join Blurtit like Addi would with Westlife. We'd have to force some boat driver people to join Blurtit because of the evil ocean separating us...But other than that it would be fun!

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