Name one item you bought but never used?


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Thanks for the question, I forgot to wear one of the jeans which I bought last month.

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A Pontoon boat that we bought just before I got hurt in a serious construction accident 4 years ago. It hasn't seen water since we bought it so quite an expensive toy for never being used

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Yo Kass
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Ouch! That is an expensive toy. Isn't there a way to sell it or even donate the boat and claim it against your tax or something like that?
Arthur Wright
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My youngest and her Fiancee took the boat so maybe they'll be able to use it here in Florida with all our water
Glam girl
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My new black shirt. Lol
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I  bought a phone last year and several books but i never use it and i never read them yet, I like to keep books that's why i often buy them. Just hope i could begin to read them this year.

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Felicia Amable , Basketball team manager, answered

This is an interesting question definitely. I have already forgotten my last year's gift box. Thanks for this question.

Actually, I had bought a gift box full with customized bottle caps from Inspire Bottle Caps online store to gift my basketball team. Due to some reason I can't gift them. But now I think I will use those beautiful gifts on this Halloween.

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