How do I put an image up? Not a profile pic


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Yo Kass answered

At the moment, Blurtit only supports uploading images into answers using the on-site text editor.

However, if you have an image based question, my suggestion would be to post a question included a link to an image hosted somewhere else, for example:

There a bunch of different image hosting sites where you can upload images in 2 clicks, the ones I use most are:

  • Tinypic
  • Imgur (which has a community of its own that might be able to help you out too)

I think the functionality of including images in questions is a neat idea though, so hopefully it'll be something we can look at and possibly roll out in the future.

In the meantime, I can also suggest image-based Q&A app Jelly too. You'll need a Twitter account to signup, and a few social connections to get you started.

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