What do you feel are the benefits of working with others in a team?


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ly fen chen answered

We can learn patience, and how to cope with others in a team.

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Tash Naz , Freelance Writer, answered

There are many benefits of working as a team as follows:

  • Shared workload - You can share the designated tasks amongst your team so that you will be less stressed and have equal input.
  • Time management- You will be able to get tasks done quicker when you work as a team and also be able to better handle your time
  • Increases productivity- Working as a team means sharing ideas and different ways of working which will in turn increase productivity
  • Learn from each other- You will be able to learn and benefit from your fellow team mates knowledge and can further improve on tasks that you may not be so good at
  • Environment of support- Working as a team enables you to get support from one another and to share any concerns you may have with one another.
  • Better relationships- Team work enables you to build relationships with your colleagues that are sustainable and help the overall organisation by working smoothly together.

I hope that helps to answer your question :)

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