I know I talk about old Blurtit a lot. I remember the days. I was mean, but they were good times. I sound like an old person. I had so many followers, and followed so many people. There were shouts and not messages. Do you have good memories?


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I got memories of back when me and my two sisters were younger we would spend our time a lot playing Barbies together. We actually talked about it not too long ago lol.

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Arthur Wright answered

When were you mean? I don't ever remember that at all and yes everyone has good and bad memories in life but hopefully you have  more good than bad

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Nikki Ridgerider
Nikki Ridgerider commented
I was very nagging. Like, "I'm so sad....BLAH BLAH BLAH" XD I mean, everybody gets depressed once in a while, but I didn't even have a legitimate reason. I had one, but it wasn't good. I think in real life I was worse.

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