What Is The Meaning Of The Term 'Blurter'?

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A blurter is a wonderful person that uses Blurtit.com.
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I looked in dictionaries but couldn't find the definition of a Blurter!

The definition of blurt is to utter impulsively - for example 'she blurted out her secret'. Now Bluters don't blurt in the way the dictionary explains to blurt, we don't utter impulsively unless we know the right answers nor hopefully do we say things without thinking.
According to an online Etymology dictionary the word blurt is supposed to be echoic. This means to pertain to acoustical space and having excess reverberation like a loudspeaker.
We do try to give out knowledge to the world a bit like speakers.
That then is to blurt.
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To say or shout something, I think.
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A person that is a member of blurtit.

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