Are there any moderators on this site? And if there are then please can anyone tell me their names? I'm new here so don't know much about the site!


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Yes, there are three that I know for sure. Emily Rivers, Kass Yassin and  David Shabazi. I've spoken with Kass and David, but haven't with Emily yet. 

They've been very helpful and when you follow them. You can message them and ask any question or whatever. They do a good job. Welcome ! We hope you enjoy it here. :)

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Nice Girl
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Even the one which is soo long like that of a big paragraph
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
Yes, ones about being a special person, one about having a baby, another about true love.
Nice Girl
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No there's a very long long one about being a poem writer, a particular question?
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Nice Girl answered

Thanks for telling!

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