Can you ask a question without an account or registering?


3 Answers

Yo Kass Profile
Yo Kass answered

You certainly can ask a question without signing up to Blurtit, but your question will remain anonymous.

What's worse is that you won't get a notification when your question gets answered, so you'll have to keep checking back on the page manually.

Considering the benefit of receiving an answer from the community here, I don't think creating a profile is a lot to ask.

There's also no obligation to put a real name or photo on your profile, although I find it helps if you want to take part in discussions - chatting to blank faced avatars is kinda no fun...

Clement Goh Profile
Clement Goh answered

Yes you can but you will be revealed as anonymous so it is highly advisable to create a Blurtit account. Come on, I Know you want to.

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Kr Ashwin , Ringtone, answered

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