Can having prolonged depression/anxiety make you look ugly...guys please be honest and if yes then please explain how.... I have to do this for my project?

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I would assume that if someone is depressed/ high anxiety they would probably not eat good (to much or lack of ) and when a person doesn't eat correctly they will either gain lots of weight and become obese or they stop eating and become malnourished and body starts feeding off it's self. 

When a person doesn't eat correctly their appearance can change. Unhealthy eating can make a person seem to be aged older and possibly make teeth yucky and fall out. When the body is malnourished energy drops so a person will be sluggish and sleep more ( or eat more) and become more depressed. Also these things can cause someone to have a really bad attitude and that can make someone ugly...I hope this helps. I'm not an expert so this is just my assumption.

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It is sad to hear you are having prolonged depression and I hope you can recover from that soon.

Well, i do have periods of depression myself as I tend to overthink matters too much even though they might be trivial or insignificant thus giving myself undue stress that make me more frustrated and anxious. You might look messy like I did during that time, you feel neglected and you tend to mistreat yourself by eating less and less or even doing stuff that harm yourself.

Don't worry, all this happened to me. I just tell myself that I still got the love of my family and that if anyone forsaken me, they will not. Then, i got a grip of myself, start living life to the best, ignoring the naysayers and pushing on. Now, I am feeling much better with a few good friends and of course my friend supporting me along the way.

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Well, when I'm feeling depressed, it makes me only see the bad side of things. So when I look in the mirror on a bad day, then I might think I look especially ugly that day. Somehow wearing makeup increases my good mood.

When I think of a severely depressed person, I think of someone with dark eye circles and bed hair. And that certainly isn't flattering. Also a depressed person may not take care of themselves properly. Possibly neglecting even good hygiene, and depending on how you eat and exercise your body would change.

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