Is anybody answering questions on this site?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Sure we are ! If someone can answer any of your questions, they sure will. That's what this site is for. If they don't know the answer, they won't answer. Simple as that!

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I'm on here answering questions most days. There are quite a few questions that come through without getting an answer though, and I've been observing the site for quite some time, and I think I've worked out why.

Reasons your questions aren't being answered

  1. They're too obscure or too difficult - don't get me wrong, Blurters love a challenge... But if your question is about some sort of business matrix diagram that you have to prepare for your university course, then you might find it difficult to find someone with the specialist knowledge to answer your question.
  2. Homework questions - Users of the site are always happy to help someone struggling to understand their homework, but I see so many questions that have literally been copied and pasted from a mock exam or other kind of assignment, and not many people are interested in taking your course for you.
  3. Regardless of what your question is about, one thing that is guaranteed to improve the number of responses you get is if you use a profile picture and user name when asking.

    Lots of people ask questions without creating a profile (which is why you see so many anonymous questions), and personally I don't think giving us a face and a name to direct the answer to is such a big ask.. It just makes things more genuine.
  4. Are you interacting on the site? If one of the Blurtit regulars asks a question, I usually try and help out, even if it means having to do some research or spending a little extra time, because when I have a question, I know they do the same for me.

    In short: If you want answers to your questions, try posting a few answers yourself and watch your notifications increase as people reciprocate the favor!

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Of course. There are plenty.

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This website is meant for questions and answers, so most of the users answer questions and ask questions.

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