What do you think about these big Cruise Liners? Is that really a good way to take a vacation with all of those people?


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I have been on a few cruises and LOVED them.  Our first initial cruise was a learning experience, no question about it. The first time I walked into our room caused me to wonder .. Where the heck am i going to put our 'stuff'.  I was elated to discover, there is LOT of  planning that goes into the design of these rooms.  There is place for EVERYTHING.  It's quite deceiving at first.  But .. I can assure you there is plenty of room to unpack your luggage, and to live quite comfortably. 

Think of a cruise ship as a huge ... HUGE .. Resort hotel.  It has every amenity that you could want. Dependant upon the cruise line you'd have, they have everything that it would take to feed and entertain you for how ever long your cruise lasts. 

There are pools, bars/lounges, restaurants, movie theaters, stage show theaters, bowling alleys, game rooms, casinos, .. Geesh .. The list is endless. MORE than enough to occupy your time during your stay .. Plus .. You have to remember, on a cruise you have daily stops in exotic places where you can spend a day exploring and going on excursions...Or .. you an opt to do nothing but relax on deck if you so choose.

The food, the service, the care that one gets is outstanding ... At least it was on the cruise line we went on.  Had no complaints at all.

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To me, it seems like a total waste of time. I want to get to my destination ASAP, not lounge around on a bobbing boat. I can do that at home.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
.. very much like motorcycling, in that respect. It's not the destination that is important, it's the journey!
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I've been on one cruise and enjoyed the relaxation and the partying but once is enough for me. I just want to get to my destination.
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For me .. as soon as I get on board .. I'm AT my destination. All the other places the boat goes to are just a bonus, If you have ever stayed at a large resort .. you would know what I mean. You don't ever even have to leave the resort to have a great vacation.
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We cruise whenever we can afford to. Its like staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel in Las Vegas for a day or two, then visiting a new unknown country for a day (normally take a tour in each stop) Then you return to your Vegas hotel for a day or two and then visit a new country.

As far as old people cruising, we go on a line (Holland America) which caters to a more mature crowd. If you want to party, you take another line. Take the kids with you, take another line. They all cater to specific groups. Your TA will be able to tell you which is best suited to what you are looking for.

Your destination is the Cruise, not any specific port. All the ports are a part of the destination.

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