How many anonymous users are on this site?can we zapp them and force them to use a name?


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It also has to do with the fact that it would mean a complete re-vamp of the website. It isn't easy to just eliminate "anonymous" altogether from the site without major changes. It has been suggested to the owner but I think it would cost some pretty good money to do and quite a bit of work. Personally ? I'm 50/50 with it. Some people are scared to use their real names on some types of questions, so where do you draw the line?

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We take as much junk off as we can but you're not seeing the cost and time to change the coding for the whole website. So we see it a little different. Don't like the question? Don't answer it and move on. If it's really dumb, we remove them. All we can do at present. Sorry.
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Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far, away an anonymous user ask a very simple health question. Got an excellent answer from an experienced caring Tiger Paws,  advise her to ask her doctor about a certain simple solution. Just so happens I was experiencing the same symptoms and couldn't figure out what do. My doctor was clueless. When I told her about the answer she prescribed Vitamin D and Iron for me. Symptoms gone within a week. All profile test excellent. Anonymous users are helpful.

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What about people who need to ask personal questions? Especially about their health? And think about some of the personal health questions!

Let's look at the pros and cons of having the 'anonymous' function:

Pros: People can feel safe about asking personal and/or health related questions, very few (if any) returning users use the 'anonymous' function to spam

Cons: A few people use it to ask annoying spam or homework questions

And the pros and cons of getting rid of it:

Pros: The number of spam and homework questions will go down

Cons: People won't be able to ask important questions, some long-standing members might leave, there won't be a safe place for personal questions

Quite frankly, I don't think it's worth it, just to get rid of the occasional spam question - there's hardly any now anyway!

What we should be focusing on is not allowing companies and businesses to make accounts.

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