Isn't this site better than Face book?


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Facebook is like the Cheers bar. Everyone, including the government, knows your name and everything else about you.

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SuperFly Original
Is it spyware? or a social website? or a nationwide statistic report? information bank? who knows. The credit I will yet again give it... is it does actually keep some family in contact.
Ancient Hippy
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There are a lot of good uses for Facebook but most people just post too much info about themselves or make comments that can have some repercussions.
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Yes conversations on there are less intimate also because of the whole showing off my life and share share share environment that fb is. Ive had much better conversations on gmail and other chat things.
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This site is waaaaayyyyy better than Facebook, I hate Facebook 😡😡

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I never heard of FaceBook  :D


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