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Mosquito bite like bumps red around it appearing on my skin randomly usually only at night, itchy. See nothing on bed or body?


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Not an expert, but after searching, I think it might be head lice? I'm probably wrong, but here's a photo

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Johnny Bravo
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No, the bumps mostly appear on arm, hand, legs but thanks for answering. There also normal skin colored but red around the bump.
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Hmm.. I was certain the comment said neck. Oh well I'm weird. Anywho, sorry I couldn't help!
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Could be a number of things .. From bug bites (bed bugs?)  to an alergic reaction to creams, soaps your using on your skin .. Or even fabric from your night clothes or bedding

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I was thinking bed bugs because I seen a bug on my bed the other day that looked similar to bed bugs but never found another one since. I checked under my bed, on the edges, blankets- nothing. Not even red marks from squished bed bugs, so cannot be. It's most likely just allergic reaction
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I'm staying up late and off my bed to catch what ever it is leaving bumps. So far I seen one bug I cannot identify even with the help of the internet. Its very small, hard to see, tan and has a kind of long body. Could of just came in through the window. I will post what I find in a hour or so
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BTW the itchy bumbs disappear after 2-4 hours

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Could be eczema or more precisely contact dermatitis.

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