The answer to this is obvious, but I just wanted to know for sure. If I leave my birthday on Skype blank, will people be able to view the birth date that I entered when making the account?


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The only people that will know when your birthday is the people on your contact list. If your birthday is on your profile ? Those people will get notified of it but no one else. People that want you to be on their contact list only get basic info until you OK them to be on your list.

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Water Nebula
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Thanks, but what I meant was that I left my birthday on my profile blank. You know the birth date you enter when making the profile? If I leave my age blank, will they be able to see that date I entered?
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
Whatever you leave blank will stay that way to whoever is on your contacts list. I leave all of that blank myself. No one can see what you don't have entered. I only have my name is all on mine.

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