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Can you remove a follow request?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I looked at your profile and didn't see that you had any followers. You can use the "Contact" at the bottom of the screen and "Contact" again and e-mail in any request or problem you may have and they'll get back to you.

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Hi Lady horse, If you press follow and then decide not to follow anymore,  just press following and it will unfollow. I think that's right, O_o Maybe Rooster can jump in.

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Pepper pot
Pepper pot commented
Just leave it, don't worry too much :) Did you see what I mean by scrolling down past all the replies to the bottom of the page, then you will see a box, it will have your picture and name Lady horse next to it, also with a choice of being Anonymous (which I've never noticed until now), then you can type your answer in there and tap Answer?
If you want to choose a picture for yourself you can save one online in documents or choose from your own files, just insert it from your documents folder. Just tap on the image and follow instructions.
lady horse
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Yes thank you...I just copied and pasted in the correct place. This one really caused me concern.
Pepper pot
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Super :)
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Religious questions tend to get the most answers and comments. I tend not to jump in on those due to the nature of it sometimes getting too heated in the comment section.

I remember that everyone is entitled to their beliefs, whatever they are, but when it comes to a public forum, sometimes their passion for a particular subject comes out a bit strong.

It's a Q&A site. We're going to get these types of questions. Jump in if you want - just know that you will get feedback on religious and political questions.

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lady horse
lady horse commented
Yes, but I think there are some fishing for who I am from Ask and/or Askaholics. Things are asked in away that were asked on the other sites. Yes, I am the one who has had traumatic brain injuries and in a coma for a month. I process slow and seemingly "blurt" things but I try to give a lot of thought to what I say before I say it. Doesn't always work.
lady horse
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I can be very piecemeal with an answer and when it sounds like a thirty second response, it may have taken me four or five hours to put together and reread
Jann Nikka
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Danae, see you on the next question, you ladies have a wonderful morning ÔÜś

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