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Can I remove erroneous "Thank-you's"?


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lady horse
lady horse commented
Okay, JNN how do I remove them. My first answer was "No". I spoke too soon AGAIN...I am not JW. My "chat" remark was removed...I do not embrace JW.
Jann Nikka
Jann Nikka commented
lady horse, I'm a Christian and I can't help you, I Love and Embrace everyone even JWs. I don't know a lot about other religions, cultures, peoples and their ways. I know I wish to live in peace with all peoples.
I have no idea what is going on with your remarks and why you're saying what you're saying or to whom.
Let's embrace eveyone.
May you find the peace and answers you seek. I'll see you on the next question ⚘
lady horse
lady horse commented
I am not seeking any answers...Didge had remarked when Bible questions are asked the JW's come out of the woodwork. That was after I had given several Bible references awhile back and then a "Thank Writer" vote to several without thinking they COULD be JW's. I did not read between the lines like was able on Ask. I have not been posting anywhere since Ask shut down. My "chat" remark was removed yet his remark was not. I wanted Didge to be aware I was not a JW and don't wish to be characterized as one.

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