I just had my first massage about a month ago. When it came time to undress the therapist made no attempt to leave the room. She also left me completely uncovered while in the prone position. Is this normal?

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Sounds pretty damn abnormal to me. Perhaps she/he needs reported, hmm?

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No its not normal.  Usually you are asked to strip down to your shorts or underwear and then wrap a large towel around you. We leave the room while you do this and then return when you confirm that you are ready. We come back into the room,  we position you on the couch as we have a  technique of moving towels to expose only the areas that we are working on.  I was a Hollistic therapist.

Maybe you went to a different type of "massage therapist."

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No, it is not normal. Typically there is a high level of polite discrete respect. Typically it is discretely explained to undress, and you are given a towel, robe, sheet or dressing gown to "cover up" so your never in view (so to speak) . Unless you are getting an "intimate" massage you are never 100%exposed. The masseuse will pull the covering down only as much as absolutely necessary and recover you when she's done. Any one who does not provide that type of heightened discretion is providing a very substandard service.

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