I’ve missed three weeks of school because I was sick and now I have to go back but I’m very socially awkward and scared to go back. What do I do to get over this fear of what people will think when I return?

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This is not a problem. You can see your friends again, have fun in break time, don't regret for your leave and any other issues. You just live your life and have fun like other kids. Nothing can stop you. I know you can do it...

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I had a similar situation, when I had to visit my family in China for a couple of weeks and I had to miss school. Your friends will be happy to see you again

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I've in this situation so many times. You've missed it because of sick, but when i was in school I'll take leave for weeks just for having fun. But when the time comes to go to school again, I had the same awkward feeling. But once i enter the school again, the feeling will automatically go away, and i will be normal again. So as long as you think about that it will be a problem for you. Just go with it.

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  1. It was really so sad that you missed your school for such a long, I think now you have lots of home to write, So, advice you that if you need any sort of Homework Help contact

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