how to grow instagram organically?


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How to grow your instagram

  To promote any social media
channel advertisement is essential. Advertisement can be done through either
organically or paid. In this article we will discuss more about how to promote
instagram by organically.

Following are the few ways to promote instagram organically:

Research your target audience

Get an overview of the
demographic information of your follower-base, including age, gender and
location.  Keep an eye on competitors
with a similar target audience- do they post captions? And if yes, what do they
say there & what kind of business strategy they adopt to grow business?

Liking, commenting
and posting on accounts similar to your own:

If you want
to make your instagram page viral then you can adopt this technique. But it
will not help you in to achieve long term organisational goal. Make sure that
these things you are doing manually and also make an effort to be genuine,
interesting and never spammy.You don’t need to write an essay, but
referring to the actual post and giving an opinion or asking a question is a
good place to start. Setting aside between half an hour to an hour per day to
focus on engaging on Instagram will have a big impact on your growth over time.


You can use variety
of hashtags. 

With the use of hashtags, you will
able to increase company performance standard. It is a great discoverability
tool, but there’s no need to use the full 30 hashtag allowance that Instagram
provides. Rather than using 30 different hashtags on every post (which is
pretty time consuming anyways) and running the risk of one of those hashtags
being blacklisted, use fewer but better-researched hashtags that clearly
reflect your content. Between 7 – 10 hashtags will definitely be enough. And
remember, your content should deliver what your hashtags promise.

To promote your instagram in other social media channels:

To promote your Instagram account organically on your other owned
channels. Think specifically about other visual channels such as Tumblr, or
those with the potential to reach a large audience, such as Facebook.You can
create a post to announce a competition you’re running solely on Instagram, to
bring your Facebook audience over to your Instagram account. You  can advertise your product/service through
different social media channels like facebook,pinterest,linkedin and more.

Use tagging and
geolocation feature: 

Tagging and geolocation feature helps to
increase business sales into the market. It is a best way to increase
performance of your business.If you’re working in collaboration with another
brand or reposting content from someone else (make sure you get permission
first!), be sure to tag them in your caption and on the photo itself.
Hopefully they’ll repay the favor in future And this works both ways
– if anyone wants to share your content, send them a friendly reminder that
they should tag you and give you full credit in the post.

Use new
stories features to keep your content fresh:

You can use new stories feature to keep your
content fresh. If it fits with your brand, there are also plenty of fun
features to experiment with such as face masks, filters, stickers and the new
superzoom feature with sound. Play around with Boomerangs or updated
feature to ask your audience’s opinion on something! There’s so much
potential with Instagram to engage your followers and to attract new followers
to your account.

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