How often should I paint my house?


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Willie B. good answered

at least once a week

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carlos Striker answered

Depends on the paint you use? Water based or oil? Either way once in two years should be okay unless you prefer otherwise.

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James Guillen answered

It depends, are we talking about the interior or the exterior here? I’ll try to answer both for you. Let’s start with the exterior.

I tend to repaint my house exterior every 5 years or so, but that length of time won’t be the same for everyone. It depends on lots of different factors, like:

  • Environmental conditions - the paint job on homes in harsh climates will fake or scratch quicker.

  • The paint you used last time - different exterior paints have different lifespans; some can last up to 10-15 years

  • Your home - the materials your home is built with will affect how long the paint lasts

For interiors, it’s a little different, as interiors are controlled environments. You don’t have to worry about things like erosion from the weather. The best way to determine when you should repaint the interior of your home is to look at it. If you notice cracks and splits in the paint, or if it’s looking a little faded, it might be time to repaint it. Companies like Image Line Painting can help with this

Similarly, if you notice any water patches or spots of algae, it’s important to repaint it as soon a possible to deal with the damp problem, but only after addressing the cause of the damp and waterproofing.

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