I Recently Stayed In A Hampton Inn. There I Used 'Purity Basics Moisturiser'. Where Can I Buy It?


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I spoke with the Sysco Guest Supply company that makes the Purity items (800) 772-7676 (Voice) (800) 480-7878 (Fax) ... As they are under contract with Hilton; the Purity items can't be sold to the public. They suggested contacting a Hampton Inn and asking to purchase a case.
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I want to know, too. Is there a chance that Hampton Inn would ever sell it to the public?
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The moisturiser that you have mentioned is not being found anywhere in the world with this brand name. So we can conclude that 'Purity Basic Moisturiser' is a tailor-made product of that hotel and they provide it to their customers.

Another thing that you can try is to go in the local market and you can find it yourself if such product exist or not. There is another method that can find the solution of your problem and that says that you should find the ingredients of the moisturiser and match it with the same products available in the market. If the ingredients match with any product, it is quite good for you and you can think of the product at par with the product that you found in Hampton Inn.

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