What 5 things can I do in Bermuda?


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Bermuda – just saying the name conjures up soft pink sands, glittering seas, palm trees and endless sunshine. This sub-tropical island is a playground for the rich and famous, but why not pack your swimsuit and sunglasses and take a trip to find out just what makes this tiny island a paradise on earth?

Although stretching only 20 miles by 2 miles wide, there is much more to discover in Bermuda than simply sunbathing. Here are our top tips for what to do on the island:

1. Venture underground to explore the magical Crystal and Fantasy Caves of Bermuda. They are millions of years old and formed during the Ice Age, and were first discovered in 1907. The awe-inspiring Crystal Cave leads to a clear blue underground lake, with amazing stalactites and rock formations growing both above and below you at this stunning attraction. Mark Twain, the celebrated author, was the first ever tourist to visit the Cave in 1908 and called it “the most beautiful cave in the world”. The deeper Fantasy Cave leads to what looks like frozen waterfalls, as walls of calcite mineral deposits have grown into dramatic formations.

2. Take to the seas: Bermuda is situated in the turquoise of the Sargasso Sea, surrounded by reefs, and is a wonderful place to explore the underwater world. Put on some goggles and go for a snorkel with brightly colored shoals of fish, take a swim with dolphins, or scuba dive down to explore a sunken shipwreck or two as Bermuda has more shipwrecks per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Or why not sleep aboard a luxury ship and visit Bermuda from the first-class comfort of a cruise ship? For example, there are numerous Bermuda cruises to choose from; many of which include children’s club activities, award-winning dining, outdoor pools and Jacuzzis as well as Broadway-style entertainment each night.

3. Sample the diverse foods of Bermuda that reflect its history and varying cultural influences, blending English and Portuguese cuisines. Treat yourself to delicious fresh seafood, with codfish, rockfish and wahoo being specialities, followed by some sweet Bermuda rum cake from the Bermuda Rum Cake Company, the only micro-bakery on the island. Then wash it all down with a spicy rum cocktail or two before dancing the night away.

4. Sip a traditional afternoon tea in style. Bermuda may seem to be a million miles away from rainy grey London (it’s actually 3446 miles away), however, as a British Overseas Territory, some English traditions remain strong on the island. One not to miss is a freshly brewed tea and English scones with cream. Dressing for the occasion is encouraged, so leave your flip-flops behind.

5. Explore the colorful streets with colonial style buildings and old-world charm. Bermuda also offers wonderful shopping opportunities, from designer labels and small boutiques to local artisan crafts. It’s worth noting that most shops close on Sundays, so plan your retail therapy for another day.

Whatever you plan to do during your stay in Bermuda, leave some time to just enjoy the relaxed island pace of life, stunning pink sand beaches and gorgeous clear blue seas.

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