What are the most Effective Ways to Attract and Retain Customers?


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When you want to build a successful brand, it’s essential that you get your name out there and also communicate with your target audience. Because let’s be real, customers will not buy or stick around unless you provide them a reason to do so.

However, it's important to remember that in most businesses today, competition for customers' attention has increased as the number of available communication channels has multiplied.

A good example would be Xfinity. They knew a lot of their customers are Spanish-speaking, hence they created a Spanish-only helpline, Xfinity Servicio al Cliente. This only boosted their sales!

Marketing entails exposing a concept, good, or service to a potential customer base. Marketers pay close attention to consumers' demands and needs, in order to pinpoint the types of people most likely to buy their wares.

Here are some marketing approaches that have proven effective in drawing in new clients and keeping existing ones around.

The Power of Word of Mouth

The first is the use of the mouth-to-mouth method. One of the most effective forms of advertising has always been word of mouth. But it seems to be playing a bigger part in marketing these days.

We are constantly bombarded by advertising, and we often ignore it. We are more likely to believe someone's word-of-mouth for recommendations.

When you're feeling happy, you probably want to tell someone. The same holds true for satisfied consumers. They are eager to impart their wisdom and, in turn, spread the word about your company. People talk about their opinions with those they trust and have some sway over, such as members of their family, close friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

They are convinced by their experience with your product. They watch out for your company's safety and security when you least expect it. You can never stop trying to win over new customers while also satisfying your regular ones.

Sales and Discounts

Promotional pricing has been shown to be a successful method of attracting and retaining customers of all types. Customers today are constantly on the lookout for good bargains, so offering them could be a great approach to get them interested in your company.

These types of deals are ideal for getting people to try out your products and services for the first time. Make sure whatever you're selling is interesting enough to entice a skeptic or someone who has never tried it before.  If you focus just on pricing, you risk giving the impression that your product or service is a commodity or, worse, completely irrelevant.

Offering free gift wrapping with first-time purchases or a discount of one item for every two made are two examples of non-price incentives that might supplement price promotions. Even while these discounts may not seem like much, they can entice customers who have been on the fence about trying your products.

Invest in Content Marketing

Rather than focusing on the features, functions, and benefits of a product or service, the finest content marketing provides useful information to present and potential customers.

The best content marketing strategies use an omnichannel strategy, providing this essential information to clients through a variety of mediums, such as films, white papers, case studies, how-to manuals, diagrams, and images.

The main goal is to interact with your demographic to generate leads that can be developed into paying clients. Your content delivery strategy should be informed by what your customers want and need and a profound appreciation for their time.


Freebies and discounts are always effective, even if they appear too obvious. There may be benefits for your company if you give out your products or services for free. For instance, by doing things like that, you'll draw more attention to yourself. People who have never heard of you before may become your customers. 

In addition, you can attract new customers who might not have considered your product before. If you give it away for free, they might end up liking it and purchasing it in the future. Customers are drawn to the word "free" since it leaves them with no risk. Attracting customers allows you to demonstrate your worth while also providing them with a unique experience.

The availability of freebies, though, won't stay forever. You should know right from the bat how many individuals will take advantage of the freebies and how long the promotion will run.  Freebies shouldn't be given to everyone. That's another important reason why it's so enticing.

Social Networking

Having active social media accounts is, together with a website, a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy. The advertising and marketing industries are being revolutionized by the rise of social media. That's why it's so important that you understand the ins and outs of social media monitoring.

While Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger enjoy massive user bases, there are other, rapidly expanding options. Social media outlets like Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat are catching up to the leaders.

There is also WhatsApp Business, for which you can get a free app on Google Play. Target audiences include both micro and large-scale businesses. It's designed to facilitate communication between companies and their clientele.

All in All

There are numerous approaches to gaining and keeping patronage. You're free to implement whichever ones work best for your company. If, for instance, your product isn't visually appealing, then perhaps Instagram isn't the best platform for promoting it.

It also makes no sense to hand out fliers in your neighborhood if your product is extremely high-end and pricey. Which method you employ is entirely up to you. However, whatever strategy you employ, remember that targeting the customer does not guarantee an instantaneous sale.

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