How do you Amplify Your AI Videos with Added Screen Recordings?


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Everyone is now talking about artificial intelligence, in particular about chats and applications built based on this advanced technology. Many professionals are already concerned about the features of such applications, as they threaten the jobs of people, especially jobs related to creativity, design, and web development.

These chats and apps open up a lot of opportunities for creatives around the world. With an idea in mind, you may not find ways to bring it to life. By explaining your idea to artificial intelligence, you can get exactly the result you wanted in a matter of minutes.

However, for many users, such applications remain a mystery. They don't fully understand how to use ChatGPT, Bard, or other similar platforms. Thus, if you understand what opportunities can be obtained using such applications, you can help other people unlock the power of ChatGPT and similar advanced tools. 

You can start creating explainer clips. You do not need to have powerful equipment. All you need is your desktop computer or laptop and a video screen recorder that will record all your training materials for other users who want to learn how to use the full power of AI-based tools.

We'll walk you through the top-notch tools you can use to capture whatever you're showing on the screen of your device. 

Powerful screen recording software 

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

When capturing tutorial materials for users who want to understand how to use AI-based tools, you can choose either screen capture software or an online tool. The best option is to use the software, as it usually offers more powerful potential.

You can download this tool for any operating system, as well as for Android or iOS. It is free to use, so you don't have to worry about additional costs.

It allows you to create great tutorials where you can teach users how they can generate images with ChatGPT, write brand texts for companies, and perform other tasks with the help of artificial intelligence. Its powerful features are as follows: 

 Make scheduled recordings by setting the time to start recording;

 Highlight certain parts of the screen if you want to focus on some points;

 Capture a specific window so that no other windows are included in the recording.

Movavi Screen Recorder

It is unlikely that one clip will be enough for you to talk about all the features of AI applications. You can create a series of first-class how-to movies using this software to record screen, allowing creatives to do incredible things.

Its highlight is that you can use the advanced, basic editing capabilities of your clip once it's ready. In addition, you do not have to capture only what you will show on the display, but you can also add your webcam recordings to the original clip.

It is suitable for those who are looking for a Windows 8 screen recorder or a screen capture app on a Mac, as it is a versatile tool that works on two major operating systems. You can show how app AI can generate human-like articles (which is great for bloggers), how to write code (for programmers), and how to use AI apps to understand any complex topic.

AceThinker Aqua Demo

If you want to make a successful AI-themed video, you want your recording to be flawless. To do this, you need screen recording software without lags, which will provide a smooth picture.

Many users have difficulty learning foreign languages, which AI apps like Bard and ChatGPT can help with. They can prepare a detailed training plan as per the user's request. You can develop a mini-movie of how users can do this and film it using the explainer video software.

Creating prompts is also an invaluable skill for those who want to take full advantage of such applications. In your video, you can collect useful tips on how users need to make prompts to get the most accurate answer to their requests.

This tool will help you make great clips with audio complete with fun effects and transitions because it also has a built-in editor. In addition, it has flexible settings and also allows you to instantly share your video footage with other users across multiple platforms. 


You can make screen recordings on any topic you can think of to highlight all the features of AI applications that help generate both great question answers and human-like content. After coming up with a new topic for your clip, you can use this screen capture app that you need to install on your PC.

It can serve you as software for recording lectures, as well as an application for capturing how-to video materials on the topic of artificial intelligence. In three simple steps, you will receive a mini-movie that you can publish on the video platform or your social platform.

You need to first select the area that you will capture. If we are talking about GPT or Bard chat, then you will need to capture the browser window. Next, you will start recording and show you how to register on the platforms and start making requests. After that, you can make editorial adjustments with the addition of annotations. The last step is to share on other platforms or keep a link to your informative content.


AI opens up a whole stream of possibilities that will not dry up for a long time because it is an advanced technology. You can teach anyone how to use AI applications, so they can generate images, create texts, summarize articles, create a learning plan, and much more. In this regard, you cannot do without a screen recording application. You can find the right tool for your needs and your operating system. 

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